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Boron Nitride Coating

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    June 14, 2022 4:29 AM EDT

    boron nitride coating has excellent non-wetting properties with aluminum, even a very thin layer is sufficient to effectively separate the aluminum melt from the matrix material.

    boron nitride coating Feature

    1. Does not react with molten metal, the additive-free energy is small, and it will not be replaced with molten metal in situ, which is the key factor for the length of use of the coating.

    2. Achieve thick coating and thick coating, no cracking, peeling off, the actual use of a large thickness of 5mm, slightly polished surface, still produces a smooth surface. Impact-resistant, frictionless, non-wetting, longer protection, and more stable to the base material. The same applies to thick coatings of highly thermally expandable substrates such as metals.

    3. Ultra-fine group, larger specific surface area, and stronger adhesion.

    Boron nitride coatings are widely applied to the surface of chutes, shunts, distribution chutes, casting linings, filter boxes, adapter plates, casting nozzles, and other materials.

    In addition to the gas box, the lining of the melting furnace can be painted.

    Specially formulated coatings can be used in die casting of mobile phone aluminum.

    The use of the pressure chamber in the die casting machine can reduce the nodule in the medium pressure chamber and greatly improve the working efficiency of the die casting machine. The special sky blue makes the secondary spray easier to separate. Colored places can not be sprayed.