CD Genomics: Targeted Proteomics Analysis Service Now Available

  • Bioinformatics-analysis Platform belongs to CD Genomics, which provides reliable next-generation and third-generation high-throughput sequencing data analysis, comprehensive technology services, database construction, and other related data analysis business. The platform is a leading open solution for data-driven innovation, which aims to discover hidden potential in biological data and unearth new insights or predict new prospects related to life science research. CD Genomics provides Targeted Proteomics Analysis service from project design, data analysis to chart making, combined with its efficient genomic analysis strategies, all in one-stop to move your research forward.


    Targeted proteomics is a science developed on the basis of proteomics for quantitative research of specific target proteins. Compared with non-targeted proteomics, targeted proteomics selectively selects ions for mass spectrometry data collection, so it can be used for the analysis of a large number of samples and has better accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility. Targeted proteomics can be applied to system-level studies of post-translational modification, protein conformation, protein-protein interaction, kinetics, and metabolic and signal transduction pathways.


    Targeted proteomics quantitative technology mainly includes MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) and PRM (parallel reaction monitoring). MRM, also known as SRM (selected reaction monitoring), uses triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (QQQ-MS) to collect signals that conform to the target ion rule, so as to achieve relative or absolute quantification of the target protein and enrich sequencing analysis. PRM is derived from MRM, combining the high selectivity of the quadrupole and the high resolution and high precision of Orbitrap. After fragmenting the selected precursor ion, it will measure all fragment ions, which has better detection sensitivity and anti-interference ability.


    “CD Genomics conducts quantitative analyses of proteomics data obtained by various target protein quantification methodologies (including PRM and MRM). Signal transduction pathway discovery, tumor marker research, and post-translational modification studies can all benefit from targeted proteomics quantitative technologies. Aside from antibody-based protein quantitative technology, this is another rapid and efficient protein targeted quantitative technology. The use of bioinformatic methods to quantify and analyze data of targeted proteomics will help to discover potential disease markers and accelerate the pace of clinical application of proteomics.” Said Chief Scientist at CD Genomics.


    What can CD Genomics’s targeted proteomics analysis service combined with genome sequencing strategies do?

    1. Verify the results of non-targeted proteomics, such as iTRAQ and Label-free.
    2. Perform absolute quantitative research on multiple proteins or peptides at the same time.
    3. Qualitative and quantitative research on protein post-translational modification.
    4. Absolute quantitative research on biological targets.


    “CD Genomics has a skilled bioinformatics analysis team with extensive experience in biological data analysis projects. We analyze sequencing data on a regular basis as well as on a case-by-case basis. Our organization has competent scientists and technical teams that can give affordable rates and high-quality data reports to global consumers." CD Genomics’s Marketing Manager said.


    About CD Genomics

    CD Genomics is one of the global bioinformatics analysis service providers, which based on the high-performance computing platform and the bioinformatics analysis team dominated by Ph.D. and Master. CD Genomics uses cutting-edge bioinformatics analysis technology to carry out the main business of genomics, transcriptomics, microorganisms, epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics, single-cell omics and so on.