Creative BioMart Established a Novel Sub-brand Creative BioMart

  • Creative BioMart, an internationally recognized leading supplier of recombinant proteins, recently established a novel sub-brand “Creative BioMart Recombinant Allergen” that focuses on allergen-related study.


    Allergy is a common hypersensitivity disease in the world. It can be treated by allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT). Natural allergen extracts do not meet the regulatory requirements for the production of allergy vaccines, the allergens are unstable, the number of allergens varies, pollution, and immunogenicity is poor.


    Recombinant allergens represent the genetically engineered subtype of allergen molecules in allergen extracts, opening up a new way for the diagnosis and research of human allergic diseases.


    Since natural allergen extracts are unstable and have varying amounts of contamination and poor immunogenicity, Creative BioMart has launched a Recombinant Allergen platform to provide a comprehensive range of recombinant allergens, including:


    • Animal allergens (human, dog, mouse, pig, rabbit, etc.)
    • Plant allergens (flower, fruit, rice, nut, grass, etc.)
    • Fungi allergens ( penicillium, mold, trichophyton, etc.)


    All of its products are quality guaranteed. As an internationally recognized leading supplier of recombinant proteins, Creative BioMart supports large-scale GMP manufacturing of customized recombinant allergens for scientific research on the: Elucidation of crystal structures of allergens, Diagnostic tests that determine patients’ sensitization patterns at the molecular level and Production of well-characterized, noncontaminated vaccines with well-defined biologic activity.


    Some of the products available now at Creative BioMart Recombinant Allergen mainly include:

    Animal Allergens

    Recombinant Aca s 13, Recombinant Aed a 1, Recombinant Aed a 2, Recombinant Api c 1, etc.

    Fungi Allergens

    Recombinant Alt a 1, Recombinant Alt a 3, Recombinant Alt a 4, Recombinant Alt a 5, etc.

    Plant Allergens

    Recombinant Art v 4.01, Recombinant Lol p 5a, Recombinant Ana c 1, etc.


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