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  • RNA Solutions is the platform that offers services on the revolutionizing study of RNA, targeting both coding and non-coding RNAs of different physiological functions. The CD Genomics scientists are ready to help detect various types of RNA via meticulous and integrative approaches. These days, the product manager of CD Genomics announced the m5C profiling services to help researchers deeply understand the role of RNA modification in life and disease, and promote accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


    5mC is one of the most common and abundant methylation modifications in the transcriptome, and it is very common in mRNA and some non-coding RNAs. It is concentrated in CG-rich regions and regions immediately downstream of translation initiation sites and has conversed, and has the characteristics of conservation, tissue-specific and dynamic features across mammalian transcriptomes. CD Genomics provides multiple m5C detection services, including hMeRIP-seq, m5C-RIP-seq, miCLIP-m5C-seq and RNA BS-seq.


    “We provide a variety of analysis strategies that can comprehensively analyze the distribution and changes of m5C in the transcriptome, help researchers understand the role of RNA modification in life and diseases, and promote precise diagnosis and treatment of diseases.” Said Senior Scientist of CD Genomics.


    “miCLIP-m5C is a technology that cross-links mRNA with m5C antibody and uses single nucleotide resolution to accurately locate m5C in the transcriptome. RNA BS-seq is a technology that uses sodium bisulfite to convert unmethylated cytosine to uracil. This method can also achieve single-base resolution and has become the mainstream method for detecting methylated cytosine.” He added


    “CD Genomics concentrates on supplying high-quality services and products for labs and research institutes. We guarantee the developed products and services, which are customized and can meet the demands of our clients, who believe in our scientists and CD Genomics” said the Market Manager of CD Genomics.


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