How do I Cancel my Avast subscription?


    If you want to cancel your Avast subscription, ensure you have signed in to your Avast account. How do I Cancel my Avast Subscription? 

    • Go to Manage Subscription. 
    • Click on the Avast subscription you need to cancel. 
    • Again, choose Manage Subscription under the subscription. 
    • Click Unsubscribe and choose Continue.
    • Choose the reason for unsubscribing and click Unsubscribe. 
    • Select choose.


    How do I remove my credit card from Avast? 


    Avast does not allow you to remove the credit card, but you can upgrade the patent details:

    • Click the Subscriptions. 
    • Choose the plan you want to change the payment details. 
    • Select Update Payment card. 
    • Share the details for the new payment card undercard details. 
    • Tick the box if you want to pay for all the Avast subscriptions from this card. 
    • Click Update payment card. 


    How do I Get a refund from Avast? 


    When you have purchased the plan but within 30 days, you realize to cancel the subscription. Users can request a refund by following the steps shared below: 

    • Choose the Order history option. 
    • Select Request a refund and click on the order you want to cancel. 
    • Now, choose to request a refund. 
    • Select Continue and hit the start chat option. 
    • After connecting with an agent, share your reason for a refund. 

    After processing your request, you will be informed on the registered mail. 


    Why is Avast charging me? 


    Avast products need to subscribe after their subscription period expires. So you have to renew the subscription until you cancel it before the next billing date. 



    Hence, to cancel Avast subscription, you can use the above-mentioned ways. Avast offers services to protect your data and privacy by shielding you from cyber attacks. Be careful before canceling your subscription. Contact customer support if required.