• July 23, 2019
    Here's a great opportunity to practice playing over just the I7 and IV7
    in a blues setting. You can just use G minor pentatonic or blues over
    the whole thing, or if you want to sound a little more sophisticated,
    try raising up the b3 in G minor pentatonic to a maj3 (Bb to B) on the
    I7 chord (G7). That will give you that bluesy 3rd that you hear all the
    time. On C7, just play G minor pentatonic or the G blues scale. You can
    also approach each chord as its own key center and play G Mixolydian on
    I7 and C Mixolydian on IV7! 2 little chords, lots of options!

    Sexy Blues Backing Track in Am

    Psychedelic Hotel Cali Chords Backing Track [B Minor Modal Interchange - 75 BPM]

    Texas Blues Albert Collins Style Guitar Backing Track in E 122 bpm

    Epic Guitar Jam Backing Track (B Minor - B Dorian)

    Floyd Style Psychedelic Backing Track (Reissue) [F# Aeolian - 63 bpm]

    SLOW BLUES Backing Track in B

    Smooth Reggae R&B Backing Track in C# Minor

    Quiet Funky Groove Backing Track in E minor

    D Dorian Backing Track

    Heavy Rock Arabic Scale Jam Track - E Phrygian Dominant 95 Bpm

    Pink Floyd Style II Guitar Backing Track Em (Remastered) | 55 bpm

    1969 Latin Funk Jam Backing Track Santana Style [G Dorian - 120 BPM]

    Gorgeous blues backing track in G

    Dorian Latin Groove Backing Track in Am

    Massive Jimi Style Psychedelic Backing Track [E Dorian - 75 bpm]

    Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Blues Backing Track (E) | 120 bpm

    Easy Latin Groove Backing Track in A minor

    Hypnotic Groove Backing Track in D minor

    Blues in A minor Backing Track
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