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How to choose a smart lock and the best smart lock choices

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    September 21, 2022 9:25 PM EDT

    How to choose a smart lock and the best smart lock choices

    Smart locks may not be the most interesting pieces of consumer tech, but they are one of the best for security and convenience: They can mean you’re free to head out for a jog without a dangling key ring, easily provide access to guests, or let you double check that you locked your door from anywhere on the planet.To get more news about fingerprint smart door lock, you can visit official website.

    Many smart locks are made by trusted companies like Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset, so you can have confidence that your home will be secure.
    If you’re looking to purchase a Smart Door lock, you might be asking yourself: what is the best smart home lock on the market? Which smart locks have deadbolts? Which smart home lock is the safest?

    Things to consider when choosing a smart lock
    Most smart locks are direct replacements for your deadbolt, which means installing one is relatively simple. All have built-in Wi-Fi and may be compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Apple Home Kit, or all three. If you’re using Z-Wave, there’s also locks out there that will be compatible with that smart home protocol too.

    When choosing a smart door lock you will want to find one that is compatible with whatever smart home system you already have running. If you don’t have much in the way of smarts in your house, chances are high you are going to need something like a hub, bridge, or other Wi-Fi connected device.

    Some locks include a bridge device in the package, while others rely on existing smart home interfaces. In some cases this will be an Amazon Echo Show device, Google Nest Home Hub, or an Apple HomePod or Apple TV. Read the specifications on your new smart home lock to ensure are bringing home will actually be able to talk to your home’s Wi-Fi.

    How do I access a smart lock?
    There are almost as many ways to unlock a smart door lock. Some use a keypad or touchscreen and allow you to punch in a number code, some used biometrics like a fingerprint, while other snart locks for homes let you use your smartphone to unlock the door, or you can even enable geofencing, which will automatically unlock the door when your cell phone approaches, and lock it when it detects the phone has left a small geographic area.

    Can you hack a smart lock?
    Companies have thought of this; and as a result have built-in safeguards to prevent nefarious characters from accessing your home. Back in the day, a prowler could simply shout trough an open window, “Hey Siri, open the front door,” and that was that. But technological improvements mean this is now a lot less likely. Even so, since smart door locks are computers and computers all have vulnerabilities, it pays to choose a reputable brand with two factor authentication.

    What’s the best smart lock?
    Similar to buying an outfit, picking the finest smart door lock relies on how you want to use it. You should also think about how confident you are in the security of the installation. Some locks, like the August smart lock, are quite simple to install and simply slide over the back of your existing deadbolt, making them an excellent option for people living in rentals. Others require you to place replace both the front, back, and core elements of your deadbolt, making the job a bit more intimidating for some. Of course you can always call a professional locksmith for assistance as most of them these days are quite adapt at installing many different types and styles of smart lock.

    One other option to consider is a smart lock that is built into the door knob or handle. These can be a simple upgrade for some thing like a bathroom or storage room, and can mean you don’t need to drill extra holes.I installed Weiser Premis back in 2018, and it’s still going strong in our home. You can check out my full review of Weiser Premis, but it’s been reliable, easy to use and it performs admirably. We can open the door with a keycode, physical key, or using the Weiser app on a smartphone. Plus I can generate special keys for delivery people or visitors, and Grant access only during certain parts of the day if I want to. With a special security feature that randomizes the digits you press on the keypad, this makes it hard for a thief to potentially see fingerprint smudges your passcode.