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Automatic Stacking Machine

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    August 30, 2022 2:29 AM EDT

    Automatic Stacking Machine

    One customized automatic stacking machine is ready, after testing and packing, it will be shipped to our customer.Get more news about cell stacking machine company,you can vist our website!

    It is a full-automatic stacking machine for pouch cell, put the anode electrode, battery separator and cathode electrode Z shaped lamination by manipulator. Through the precise positioning of the electrodes, the overall position accuracy of the electrodes during stacking is guaranteed to be ±0.3mm.

    It is equipped with taping function, and also conveyor belt to take out the finished battery core automatically.As we all know, for pouch cell reserach. We can choose stacking process or winding process. Now let’s see the battery stacking machine.

    Model TOB-S-DP200-B. If you need a small battery stacking machine in lab, this is one is suitable. Simple operation and high efficiency. The max electrode size can be L200mm x W200mm.

    Model TOB-BDP200-C. It’s our hot sale product, and customers’ feedback is nice. This one is a semi-aotu stacking machine that manual loading, automatic electrode positioning, and automatic stacking. The stacking accuracy is high.
    In addition, if your battery size is large. Suggest you model TOB-GTBDP150-B. The electrode length can be 150-300mm, and the width can be 80-150mm.

    For these stacking machine, you can choose according to your needs. If you need more informations, contact me freely.