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Male Counterattack Manual [Quick Wear]

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    August 28, 2022 10:39 PM EDT

    He felt a little flustered. He quickly forced himself to calm down and began to speak harshly: "Duan Qingen, don't think that you have nothing to do after a press conference today. Now everyone is unwilling to invest in you. Your debts are all paid by Qu Qu. It's just four videos. Do you really think that you can turn over by relying on these surveillance videos that don't know whether they are true or false?"? I want to squeeze you to death, which is not more difficult than squeezing an ant to death! "Not four paragraphs." Ba Yiran is stupefied: "What?" Duan Qingen repeated patiently: "The surveillance video is not four, but five." Guess what the fifth paragraph is about? Four videos can't make me turn over. What if it's five? Ba Yiran suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, and before he could ask Duan Qingen what he meant, the other end had already hung up. His face was full of haze and he took off his cell phone. He was going to search the Internet to see what was going on when Yan Qu suddenly called him in a sharp voice: "So is it!"! Come here quickly! Yan Qu has always been gentle to him, Ba Yiran is the first time to see her so surprised, a little uncomfortable in the heart, but also endure the mood to walk past. At first, the video being played on the mobile phone showed many people wearing the same clothes jumping up and down, which shop should be doing activities, and then some people were walking forward with signs. Look at this, there should be a shop doing activities to let the shop assistants wear uniform clothes to go out to advertise, while someone is following the shooting. After almost three or four minutes of filming, the pedestrian walked to a familiar street, and Ba Yiran recognized at a glance that this was the place where Duan Qingen met the fan. The bad feeling in his heart was aggravated,industrial racking systems, and he watched patiently. A red circle appeared in the video, with the direction of the upper left corner and the words "Duan Qingen" beside it. In the video, from their point of view, we can see something different from the previous four videos. The previous videos all started when Duan Qingen met his fans. At the beginning of this video, Duan Qingen was walking in front of him. Because he was on the same road with these employees, he walked with the employees,metal racking systems, so he always appeared in the camera. At the same time, another circle appeared in the lower right corner, hooking the face of a man wearing a hat. I saw the man with a camera in his hand, as if he was walking forward as if nothing had happened, but Duan Qingen stopped, he also stopped, Duan Qingen went to the store, he stood still, pretending to play with his mobile phone as if nothing had happened. Because the employees were walking straight ahead, the video was not captured when Duan Qingen stopped, but after a while Duan Qingen went ahead, and at the same time, push back racking system ,radio shuttle racking, the hat man followed behind, always keeping a road distance from Duan. At this time, the same picture as the previous four videos also appeared from a different angle. Duan Qingen met his fans. The fans took out their notebooks and asked him to sign their names. They also said two sentences. The circle in the lower right corner came out again to remind the audience to see the man. He quickly held the camera at Duan Qingen and his fans, and he kept this position for as long as they stood. In the picture, Duan Qingen talked with his fans for almost a minute. They said goodbye. The fans even bowed to Duan Qingen's back, and then walked happily and happily to the shop assistant with his signature in his arms until he walked out of the camera. And the man holding the camera continued to follow Duan Qingen forward. If the first four videos are dubious, then the fifth one is enough to dispel most people's doubts. In particular, the fifth video was not officially exposed, but was put up by the person who filmed the video after the incident. His original words were that the store was celebrating its anniversary that day, and his task was to record people walking down the street holding signs and shouting their own store slogans, and then edit them into short videos and make them into public screens. At that time, he didn't notice the appearance of Duan Qingen and his fans at all. It was completely the press conference that made a big deal. As soon as the surveillance from four different angles came out, he saw it when he was eating melons. He found that the street was passed by people in their shop. He found out the video and looked at it. The result was that he really saw Duan Qingen. Then, he excitedly put the video on the Internet. He also said that if someone thought he was a water army who came to whitewash and did not believe that the video was true, he could ask the merchants on that street and ask in the local post bar. They would only go out to publicize the anniversary one street at a time. It was only once a year, and the date was absolutely right. Anyway, he is a passer-by a, purely happened to eat melons to eat their own side, this is to speak out for justice! "Bullshit!" Ba Yiran was so angry that he almost dropped his cell phone again. Duan Qingen, this is clearly a strategy, first release four videos on the surface, and then let people release the most important video as a "righteous passer-by". In this case, even if others suspect that the five videos are placed together, there is nothing wrong with them. Compared with Ba Yiran's anger, Yan Qu was more afraid. Now Duan Qingen clearly protects her and doesn't say a bad word about her. In fact, she throws the pot directly to her. If she can't handle it well now, she may end up like Duan Qingen before. Also, how to do ah, if my reputation is ruined, I later, I. As she spoke, she buried herself in Ba Yiran's arms and sobbed out. Ba is also the most eat is her this set, after all, last life he is a poor Pan Jun every day in front of the TV, watching the TV on those beautiful star directors who have a successful career. In his previous life, Yan Qu was also one of them. At that time, he had a wet dream all night. A beautiful director who had a successful career and looked so beautiful was now so dependent on him that he became a bird in his arms. How could he not let Ba Yiran soften his heart. He immediately did not care to get angry [Duan Qingen actually did not let me trample to death] this matter,warehouse storage racks, but hugged Yan Qu to comfort: "It's all right, if those people really believe these lies, I personally write the script for you." 。