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How to Finally Cut the Cable TV Cord

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    June 22, 2022 9:21 PM EDT

    How to Finally Cut the Cable TV Cord and Save Money Every Month in 2022

    In 2022, the financial headwinds are growing stronger, inflation is on the rise and you might be looking to cut costs. Simple question: Do you still pay for cable TV? If you do, and if your budget seems to tighten every time you fill your gas tank, it might be time to cut the cable TV cord. Thanks to streaming services, you don't need cable or satellite anymore to get your fill of TV shows, movies, news and sporting events live or on-demand. To get more news about usa iptv box, you can visit official website.

    All you need to cut the cord is a good internet connection and the apps built into your smart TV or running on an inexpensive streamer, such as a Roku or Amazon Fire TV. They'll give you access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu and more, as well as numerous free TV streaming options.
    Still want sports or local news? Live TV streaming services services like Sling TV and YouTube TV start at $25 a month and can stream most of the live channels available on your cable box with no contracts to sign, so you can cancel anytime. And if you're used to your cable box's DVR, they offer cloud DVRs of their own that work in the same way, no box required.

    Even if you cut cable TV you'll still need a home internet connection for streaming. Many people get their internet as part of a cable TV bundle, maybe with phone service too. Often your cable company is the same one providing your internet connection, but sometimes you can shop around to find the best internet provider.

    You'll need to find out how much home broadband costs by itself, without a TV bundle. If your bundle is $130 a month, maybe you'll have to pay $60 for just internet. That leaves $70 of potential savings by cutting cable TV. That's a lot of money every month to pocket or spend on new streaming services.
    Now it's time to figure out your TV must-haves. canceling cable means you'll need to stream the stuff you normally watch on your cable box.

    Make a list of the shows and channels you and your family watch regularly. In some cases you'll be able to replace your favorite channel programming with a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, but be aware that many current-season episodes won't be available immediately.
    The best option to replace your cable box directly is with a live TV streaming service. Each offers a package of live channels you can watch on a streaming app that, with a bit of a learning curve, works just as well as (or better than) a cable box. They include program guides, cloud DVRs and extras your box can't deliver including user profiles and mobile streaming. Prices start at $25 a month but to get live local channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or PBS) and a package comparable to cable, you'll need to pay at least $65 per month. For premium shows, HBO ($15 a month), Showtime ($11) and Starz ($9) all have standalone services, too.

    The best part about any of the services above? Unlike cable, you can cancel and restart service anytime without contracts or penalties. You can subscribe to follow a particular show, for example, and then cancel after the finale.