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    Karaoke: loved by some, feared by many. Usually associated with tone-deaf drunks, it’s something you’ve got to do at least once. It might seem daunting, but with our tips, you’ll be able to make it through the night, and maybe even have some fun. Without further ado, here's our guide to karaoke, sprinkled with places that are guaranteed to bring out your inner Beyonce.To get more news about Karaoke CBD Melbourne, you can visit official website.

    This karaoke staple is best known for its themed rooms, which happen to be half off every Tuesday. It's worth noting, there’s a big difference between going to a public karaoke bar and renting a private room by the hour -- belting it out with your closest friends is a complete game-changer.

    With a menu full of signature cocktails, sake, and wine, you're sure to have plenty of liquid courage to get you through a night of crooning with your homies. Festa just turned 15 years old with plenty of more fun-filled years to come, so go out and celebrate!

    With a full bar and private karaoke rooms open until the wee hours of the morning, 3910 knows how to throw down. They often have events and live music, so bring a burger, grab a beer, and settle in for the night. If you want to be guaranteed a private spot to sing it loud, be sure to call for a reservation.

    If you're in search of a spot to sing that's a little more low key, Club Mari's is worth checking out. Tucked away in the Japantown mall, stepping into this spot feels a lot like stepping into a bar in Japan. You'll find drinks, small dishes, and a karaoke station where it's just $3 a song (cash only).

    What once was a steakhouse and piano bar is now The Mint: a kickass karaoke lounge with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In other words, this is the spot to sing your heart out without fear of being judged. There's a two drink minimum and the bar is cash only, so make sure you come prepared!

    Mel-O-Dee is an El Cerrito staple that's been pouring up cocktails for more than 50 years. It's a cool spot with old Vegas vibes, and karaoke nights four days a week. The drinks are cheap, the tunes are great, and the mood is right -- the only thing that's missing is you!

    This place actually has it all: drinks, snacks, and all the equipment necessary to use your phone to sing any song you want. Open until 4am on weekends, this might just be the latest you can stay out in the Bay. Plus, if you want to remember your amazing night of terrible singing forever, they'll make a recoding of your session for you.

    Picture this: you try some whiskeys, sing a song, play a round or two of pinball, then repeat. You won't get a private room to keep your embarrassment to yourself, but the Legionnaire is a friendly neighborhood whiskey bar that won't judge you too harshly. They have craft cocktails and karaoke every night of the week!