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The Lab Degassing Unit

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    May 25, 2022 11:24 PM EDT

    The Lab Degassing Unit is a stainless steel vessel that allows to degas up to 5 liters of fluid at a pressure of around 10 mbar by a vacuum pump (the unit maintains vacuum conditions for several hours after the degassing process).
    Through dedicated valves, vacuum can be broken blowing an inert gas in; subsequently the treated liquid sample can be directly sampled from the bottom by a syringe.

    Due to its steel construction, all operations are performed safely, without any risk for the operators deriving from the breakage of a typical glass vessels.
    Process parameters (temperature and vacuum level) can be continuously monitored by means of specific sensors (optional).
    This apparatus is meant to optimize the degassing process during the preparation of gas in oil standards for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) according to IEC 60567 (Ed 4.0 2011-10) – “Oil-filled electrical equipment – Sampling of gases and analysis of free and dissolved gases- Guidance.”
    The Lab Degassing Unit is also suitable to perform other degassing processes on different fluids (e.g. R&D applications).