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World Of Warcraft: 10 Hilariously Useless Items To Equip

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    May 11, 2022 9:59 PM EDT

    World Of Warcraft: 10 Hilariously Useless Items To Equip

    As the largest and most long-lasting MMORPG ever, World of Warcraft now contains over 116,000 different unique items. And while most of them are useful at least in some way, some of them will make you wonder why Blizzard even bothered to implement them in the game. Sure, many items are there just as clever Easter eggs, inside jokes, or merely to be sold to vendors for a small bit of gold. Though, it's especially puzzling when these useless items come in the form of rare gear that ends up being nothing but a huge disappointment to eager player. In this list, we're counting down the 10 most intriguingly useless equip items we've found in the game so far. Enjoy!To get more news about Buy World of Warcraft Gold WLK, you can visit official website.

    Although intended as a quest item, this famously useless trinket has found its way into many players' bag slots due to its peculiarity. Equipping the Crystal of Zin-Malor spells death for anyone who isn't "worthy." Spoiler alert: no one has ever been worthy. And although the trinket may seem incredibly useless and weird, resourceful WoW players have found several uses for it way back in Vanilla, such as a quick solution to getting your character stuck or bypassing locked dungeon doors.

    An obvious spoof of the epic two-handed mace called The Unstoppable Force, this item will drop pretty much from any mob from Outland to Northrend, yet we can guarantee with a decent level of certainty that not a single player in the history of the game ever saw it and thought "Hey! I could use this!" The Stoppable Force has become a unique part of the WoW culture for being so common that every player questing throughout Azeroth has encountered it at least once, before undoubtedly selling it to a vendor for some extra gold.

    While, for the Horde version of the item, the effect will replace everyone with female orcs. Useless as it may be in a practical sense, the Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles are just another one of those hilarious items that makes WoW such a fun game.

    At first glance, this may seem like very other low-level item. However, the Cloak of Rot, along with a few other similar items from Vanilla WoW, shared a striking peculiarity. It literally reduced your character stats for wearing it. These negative stats were later removed from the game for obvious reasons, but it just goes to show how useless some items in Vanilla could be. The Cloak of Rot is especially useless considering it's a green item that removes a hefty amount of one of the most important stats while leveling - stamina.

    Items like the Lion Horn of Stormwind make you wonder if Blizzard was being serious when they added them to the game. When it comes to useless wow items, this one probably takes the cake. Despite being an epic drop, implying a powerful effect, the Lion Horn of Stormwind does ...nothing. The chances of it activating are 1%, which in WoW translates to practically never. And when by some chance it does trigger, the 250 armor buff seems so low we're inclined to think Blizzard forgot to add another zero at the end. We wouldn't be surprised, given that the trinket indeed contains a typo in its description. On the flip side, the trinket is bind-on-equip, meaning you might have a chance of selling it to some poor soul via Auction House.

    The item fits into an off-hand weapon slot, yet provides absolutely no additional damage or stats. It's not even worth vendoring it, given the 2 silver sale price, so it's best kept as a spoof item to show off to your friends. To get one of these, you'll have to be lucky enough to fish it out, as it's a rare fishing drop.