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Jewelry Style For Women Over 50

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    December 5, 2021 9:41 PM EST

    We all know women who, throughout their lives, exude confidence and a wonderful personal style. Turning 50, 55, 65 or older for that matter should not compromise our personal style. In fact, these years are often a time when a woman’s style is at its best.To get more news about best jewelry designers, you can visit official website.

    According to Esther Fortunoff, president of Fortunoff Fine Jewelry (Westbury), “Once a woman turns 55, she is often comfortable in her own skin. She knows what looks best on her and rarely succumbs to the latest trends unless it complements her personal style. We recognize that making a style statement can be achieved without excess. That is very true of jewelry where one piece can be the focal point of your look.”

    At Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, there are many pieces that are ideal for women over 50. Each projects a distinctive style, whether up-to-the-minute, Boho, active, tailored or laid back.

    Take, for example, the Ethiopian Opal Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold (CLP20033Y4). This simple contemporary piece can elevate an everyday look. For women whose style leans more toward the minimal, there are great pieces like the Alice Pendant in sterling silver with 18K rose gold plating (SPD20116SS). This design reflects the graceful geometric trend which was on display in many of the designers’ fall fashion shows.

    Bracelets are another way for women over 50 to project their personal style. Looking for a beautiful, graceful way to adorn your wrist and project a polished, on-trend style? Look no further than a Wavy Wire Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver (SBG20004SS). Others prefer a flexible bracelet to wear everyday like a Two Tone Open Link Bracelet in 14K Gold (GBA2000T4).
    Rings are also a great way to project your own personal style regardless of your age. A beautiful gemstone ring, perhaps in your birthstone, tells the world you are proud of your birth date and not afraid to show it.

    “Rings with a single unique gemstone such as a pink or purple sapphire or aquamarine send a message that this woman has distinctive taste,” said Ms. Fortunoff. “And, there is absolutely no reason why a woman over 50 can’t stack rings of slightly different styles,” added Fortunoff. Often, rings are emblematic of life events such as engagements, weddings and anniversaries and as such, hold special meaning.
    When it comes to earrings, select a style that best frames your face and hairstyle and consider styles to help camouflage some of the drooping of the earlobe experienced by women who have been wearing heavy, large earrings for many years. There are some stunning front-and-back designs that accomplish this. Women over 50 should also feel no reserve in wearing a great pair of hoops—whether a classic hoop in yellow gold, a large skinny hoop with diamonds set in white gold (DER20049W4), or a pair of small huggy hoops.