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10 Budget-Friendly Jewelry Brands You Will Love

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    August 1, 2021 10:14 PM EDT

    10 Budget-Friendly Jewelry Brands You Will Love

    We all know that wardrobe staples like a white T-shirt or black ankle boots are the closet mainstays upon which we build the rest of our outfits. But what about accessories? When it comes to jewelry, you should think about your staple pieces in the same way. Are you reaching for a stack of rings or a signature necklace each day? If jewelry isn't a huge part of your getting-ready routine, you could be sabotaging your outfits in the long run since accessorizing is the key to making your outfits look like you put much more thought (and money) into them than you really did.To get more news about best costume jewelry websites, you can visit official website.

    Now, let's talk jewelry staples. The good news is you don't have to spend a fortune on stylish pieces like gold charm necklaces, signet rings, and dainty earrings. So today, we're sharing the affordable jewelry brands we swear by for the cutest pieces that will help us wear the latest jewelry trends. Whenever we're on the hunt for a new piece to add to our collections, these 10 brands are our first stops. Just below, you'll find your next dainty cuff, statement earring, or gold coin necklace.

    1. 8 Other Reasons

    Katie Mullally combines vintage pieces with modern design, linking it to her Irish heritage. The designer encourages her customers to incorporate their own individuality when it comes to her pieces; for example, her two-coin necklaces are detachable, so the wearer can swap to their own chain or ribbon to layer up with other pieces.

    Maria Black
    Undeniably cool Scandi label Maria Black manages to turn accessorising on its head with simple yet striking pieces that you truly wouldn't be able to get your hands on anywhere else. From gold hoops with a twist to chunky signet rings and delicate ankle chains, this is a brand to know if you really want to step up your accessorising game.

    Missoma London
    British-based brand Missoma London is all about having fun with everyday jewellery. Collections include collaborations with Instagram star Lucy Williams, those featuring beautiful gemstones and a number of initial-based pieces. Although the necklaces are striking enough to be worn alone, we love layering them up – it's truly a way to put your personal touch on the pieces and make the jewellery your own.

    The brand's upcoming collaboration with Harris Reed may be its most exciting to date - and aims to blur the preconceptions people have about gender and jewellery. "Using jewellery pieces, like I do with clothes and make-up, as the building blocks in your tool box to best express who you are, exploring your individuality and your fluidity," explains Reed.
    Laura Lombardi
    If chunky, gold, minimal jewellery is your thing, then you need to know about Laura Lombardi. The New York-based label focuses on an industrial aesthetic with pieces – from chunky chains to oversized hoops – that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

    Lombardi suggests trying common household products you'll likely have in your cupboard already to clean-up your favourite chunk pieces. "Mix juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda together to form a paste. Apply to jewellery and rub in one direction with a cloth. Repeat until clear, wipe off paste, rinse and pat dry," she told us.