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Stretch Marks Removal, Stretch Marks Treatment

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    May 17, 2021 9:12 AM EDT

    Stretching of the skin causes the tissues in the inner layers of skin to torn out, creating red or white parallel streaks called stretch marks. A major reason for the stretch marks is rapid changes in body weight like skin stretching due to pregnancy, sudden weight loss or weight gain, heavy exercising, etc. Production of collagen and elastin may have ceased or decreased, which is required to heal the stretch marks. Best Stretch Marks Treatments in Delhi are available at Skinology Clinic including topical medications such as creams or gels, pixigenus treatment, tixel treatment, derma roller MNRF, erbium fiber laser, and laser treatment. These treatments help in restoring the collagen and elastin to heal the tissues causing stretch marks. A highly trained professional team of doctors works here at Skinology Clinic. Individualised or customised solutions are provided to each patient depending on his/her unique needs. Visit now to get the Best Stretch Marks Treatments in Delhi!