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Excavator Swivel Joint Rebuild factory

  • May 18, 2023 4:36 AM EDT

    Excavator Swivel Joint Rebuild factory Forestry Excavator Swivel Joint 聽 Introduction 聽 With an excavator as the base, you get a forestry machine that is equally productive as a harvester, processor, stump puller or log loader. A forestry machine that gives you high flexibility and productivity regardless of the task at hand. 聽 Forestry excavator swivel joint(hydraulic swivel joints) directly integrate into hydraulic systems with rotating platforms, operator houses / cabs, and other equipment requiring up to 360 degree rotation including tool attachments such as grapples, rotary drum crushers, augers, felling heads, harvester heads, shears, multi-processors and others. 聽聽 Hydraulic rotators(swivel joint) are the most common accessories for forest excavator attachments such as orange peel grapples, clamshell buckets, log grabs and drywall forks. Hydraulic rotators allow the operator to run the equipment in both directions of rotation. This functionality is necessary when handling and positioning long objects such as logs or pipes, but it can also be important in other contexts where it is necessary to orient the hydraulic tool, as to establish the direction of excavation when working with a digging bucket, or to align the equipment to the load, as in the case of a wallboard fork TPW. Equipments provided with hydraulic rotator must be fed with two double-acting hydraulic circuits: one dedicated to the rotation motor and the other connected to the opening and closing function. The rotator is not only a motor of rotation, but also an hydraulic joint. In other words, it allows the passage of oil from the operating machine to the grab, while rotating. 聽 Our Products 聽 Shandong Yikaide Hydraulic Co., LTD. Specialized in producing various hydraulic products such as central rotary joint, electromagnetic valves, hydraulic orbital motor, hydraulic pumps, direction control valves, flow control valves, pressure control valves, proportional valves series, hydraulic counterbalance valve and operated pilot check valve etc. 聽聽Excavator Swivel Joint Rebuild factory website: