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Bear And Breakfast is a hotel control sim

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    May 16, 2023 10:28 PM EDT

    Bear And Breakfast is a hotel control sim that  Animal Crossing Items performs like Animal Crossing. You collect assets every day, entire delivery errands, and construct your Airbnb empire–all even as playing as an adorable endure. The trouble is that Bear and Breakfast lacks the relentless optimism of commercial enterprise sims whilst not handing over on any coherent critique approximately landlords both. As a end result, Bear and Breakfast feels needlessly bleak approximately jogging a hospitality commercial enterprise no matter the joyful art direction.

    In Bear and Breakfast, you play as a grizzly undergo named Hank, who lives together with his mother. One day, he discovers a shark robot that gives him the hazard to Buy Animal Crossing Items emerge as a small business owner. All he has to do is renovate a few abandoned houses into bedrooms, toilets, and fun services. The robot tells him that he received’t be rich, but the system is a manner of revitalizing the forest financial system. And so Hank turns his fixer-higher tasks into right Airbnbs, hoping to fill the community with extra human beings than ever before.