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  • December 18, 2022 7:32 PM EST


    Wholesale Toy  
    Hongyuan Supply Chain Management provides one-stop service for product design, production, warehousing, and logistics from factory to overseas sellers. Subsidiaries comply with ISO9001 management system requirements, ICTI, CE, FDA registration, GMP, and pass Disney Audit.
    Our company's main products beauty care, toys, glasses, daily necessities, becoming advantageous product supply chain, We are supplier and service for many domestic fashion chain FMCG brands, and have long-term cooperation with many large oversea supermarkets, such as CVS, Walgreen, Auto Zone, Circel K, etc. Our company can do One-stop services such as booking, warehousing, transit, air transportation, container assembly, insurance, customs declaration, etc., comply with market demand, pioneer and innovate, we are committed to becoming an international supply chain leader.Wholesale Toy