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Kipnis Diving Snag in Center Highlights

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    December 4, 2022 6:30 AM EST

    CLEVELAND - One of the aspects that has been unnoticed by many during the recent dominant run by the Indians is how well the teams defense has played. The Tribe defense shined again on Thursday night during the teams' 4-0 win over the New York Yankees at Progre sive Field, taking a 1-0 lead in their best of five series that will continue on Friday. The play that has everyone talking is that of the diving catch in the third inning with the Indians leading 1-0 by newly appointed center fielder Jason Kipnis. It was the start of the third inning, and Yankees DH Chase Headley hit Tee Higgins Jersey a ball that looked like it was heading for the gap. Kipnis along with left fielder Lonnie Chisenhall chased after the ball, but it was Kipnis who made an incredible diving catch, one that at the time made pitcher Trevor Bauer raise his hand and slam his fist into his mitt to show his appreciation for the hustle play. "I think that's the biggest play of the game," Bauer said of the Kipnis snag. "At that point it's a very close game. If he doesn't catch that, it's a double and now you have your leadoff guy on second. One base runner in the postseason is a momentum swing.Scroll to Continue "So KeiVarae Russell Jersey that takes a guy on second and a high stre s inning and turns into nobody on and a low stre s inning, which is huge." It was the first time that Kipnis really had been tested in this latest run with playing what some say is the toughest Russell Bodine Jersey spot in the sport. He not only was able to make the play to save what would have been the Yankees first hit of the night, but it also as Bauer said stopped what could have been a New York rally in what at the time was a 1-0 game. "We were shaded over into the gap, it was just one of those ones, kind of the first ball I've had in the gap I've had to A.J. Green Jersey go get, got a good read on it and the jump, Lonnie kind of peeled back to back me up and it was a fun one to be able to run after and cut it down," Kipnis said. Kipnis is right in the fact he's not had to make very many tough plays in center since being shifted there after coming off the disabled list with a hamstring injury, but Thursday in one play he proved that he can make a big play at a big time of the game. "I think Jason making the move and being willing to make that move shows the selfle sne s that kind of embodies this whole team," Indians right fielder Jay Bruce said. "We have a lot of very talented players on the roster, and I think it just boils down to how can we help the team the most? Jason took it in stride, especially coming off a hamstring injury, going out to probably the most physically demanding Ja'Marr Chase Jersey position on the field speaks volumes of him." Last year Kipnis seemed to be the guy to get the offense going, and as he went so did the offense. Thursday night he sparked the defense, a unit that isn't getting nearly the credit it deserves as the Indians march towards what could be a magical October run.