Introduction Of Helical Gears

  •   The heart of gear transmission is the gears in it. Gears run in pairs, meshing with each other to transmit power, such as the Automobile Tooth Gear. Learn about the different types of gears and the applications and industries that use them.

      Gearboxes, also known as gear drives, have three main functions: increase the torque from the driving device (motor) to the driven device, reduce the speed produced by the motor, change the direction of the axis of rotation, and the connection of this device to the gearbox can be used Coupling, belt, chain or hollow shaft connection to complete. When power remains constant, speed and torque are inversely related. Therefore, torque increases at the same rate as speed decreases.

      Spur gears transmit power through parallel shafts. The teeth of the spur gear are parallel to the shaft axis. This causes the gear to generate a radial reaction load on the shaft, rather than an axial load. Spur gears tend to be noisier than helical gears because they operate with a single line of contact between the teeth. As the teeth roll in mesh, they break out of contact with one tooth and accelerate into contact with the next. This differs from helical gears, which have more than one tooth in contact and transmit torque more smoothly.

      Unlike parallel spur gears, the teeth of helical gears are oriented at an angle to the shaft. This results in multiple teeth being contacted during operation, and helical gears can carry more loads than spur gears. This arrangement also allows helical gears to run smoother and quieter than spur gears due to load sharing between the teeth. Helical gears will generate thrust loads during operation, which need to be considered when using them. Most enclosed gear drives use helical gears.

      Double helical gears are a variation of helical gears in which two bevels are placed next to each other with a gap between them. Each face has the same but opposite helix angle. The use of a double helical gear set eliminates thrust loads and offers the possibility of greater tooth overlap and smoother operation. Like helical gears, double helical gears are commonly used in enclosed gear drives.

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