Application Of Current Transformer

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      A current transformer is a device that helps in measuring alternating currents. It converts the high primary current into a measurable low safety level secondary current. Current transformers can be used to increase or decrease alternating currents. A typical current transformer is a series-connected electromagnetic device consisting of an iron core, electrical-grade laminations, and a copper-wound coil.

      Current transformers are often used when the voltage or current is too high to measure directly. In this case, the CT performs its usual function of reducing the current. The resulting lower or secondary currents are suitable for processing into electronic devices. In this way, the actual current flowing in the AC transmission line can be safely monitored by reducing the high current to an equivalent low current. Therefore, the current transformer is an indispensable part of the power system. CTs are also used to protect precision measuring equipment. By increasing the number of windings, the current in the CT can be significantly smaller than the current in the primary circuit under test.

      The following are the applications of current transformers in daily life:

      These transformers are used to monitor electricity in power plants, factories, grid stations, and industrial control rooms, to measure and evaluate current in circuits and protection;

      It is used throughout the frequency response cycle to calculate harmonics and monitor power quality;

      It can be used in substation converters, high-voltage DC engineering, AC filters, and DC filters;

      In high-voltage power supplies and substations, as protection devices;

      It is used as an integrated protection module in the capacitor bank;

      Small-footprint CTs are used to detect current overloads, identify faults, and isolate current feedback signals on printed circuit boards;

      In many three-phase systems, larger devices are used to measure current or voltage.

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