Best Eating Joints in Shimla – Where You Must Go?

  • Bequeathed nature’s beauty, ‘The Queen of Hills’, Shimla, is a traveller’s paradise. Set up by the Britishers, the hill station is today a unique mixture of the old and the new. With the city being the most sought-after tourist journey's end, it houses a host of coffee bars that is a must-visit, the next time you are in Shimla.

    If you want to experiment, many cafés also offer a diversity of dishes from the Middle East such as –Hummus, Falafel, and Pita. It is ideal to find the best restaurant in Shimla, or wherever you live, to try delicious foods.

    Here are some of the best eating joints in Shimla where you must go.


    • Wake And Bake – Shimla


    Popularly recognized as a Central Perk of Shimla, this blue construction with yellow windows had to top the list as this Cafe has a lot to provide to its visitors. The sincere and cosy atmosphere, friendly staff, and optimistic vibe that this place grasps are very inviting. It is situated on the 2nd floor of a building at Mall Road and supervises the Town Hall on one side and the valley on the other.


    • Café Sol


    Positioned on Mall Road this place has such a charming aura that you can’t just visit it once. This café carries your food from around the world. The place is well-known for its reliable Prawn made with hot Garlic and Herb Sauce. You should must-try at Café Sol are the Greek Salad Turkish Pita, Vienna Espresso, Heavenly Donuts,

    These are some top places where you must go to try delicious foods in Shimla. You can find the best restaurant in Shimla, or elsewhere, to try different types of mouth-watering foods.