Camping in Shimla – Where Should You Go?

  • Commonly known as India’s best honeymoon destination for decades, Shimla is unquestionably the go-to place for all mountain lovers. So, in its place of glorifying Shimla as a honeymooner’s paradise, it’s time we started connecting it as a nomad’s hideout! How about camping in Shimla?

    Because Shimla is huge, 5131 km. sq. to be exact, and apart from the main city, which typically keeps overflowing with lovebirds, there are a lot of cities and tehsils of Shimla which still lie under nature’s hold; unblemished. It is ideal to find luxury hotels in Shimla to stay with your family. Below, I’m going to share some best camping places in Shimla where you must go.

    Top Places for Camping in Shimla

    Moving away from the main Shimla town one can spot plenty of areas and villages. These places are yet unblemished and still preserve the rich inheritance of the past. Stay in a Swiss tent or go forest camping in Shimla, these places take you to the best of nature. If you have an escapade on your mind there are plenty of options to look onward to:

    • Mashobra – Where Nature Wears the Perfect Green
    • Narkanda – Tucked in Sheets of Clouds
    • Junga – A Sleepy Village on The Outskirts
    • Shoghi – Tailor-Made for Camping
    • Kufri Ski Resort – Winter Is the Time to Go

    These are some of the top camping places in Shimla Where people should go. You can find the best luxury hotels in Shimla to relax with your loved ones after camping.