The Role Of Rail Transit Fasteners

  • Auto fasteners and rail transit fasteners can be said to be the basis of the transportation manufacturing industry, because it determines the performance and safety of various automobiles. Fasteners in the automotive industry generally use steel as a raw material. Although non-ferrous metals and certain composite materials are increasing year by year, their high-end and toughness are essential for auto fasteners.

    The size of auto fasteners is small, but the types are indeed diverse. As a small part of the host, it is often overlooked. On the surface, the output value of fasteners only accounts for a few percent of the automotive industry, but in fact, it brings higher added value to key components and automobiles. There are many types of auto parts, but there are only four main categories: standard fasteners, other standard mechanical components, other non-standard mechanical components and non-standard fasteners. Among them, the most economically valuable are standard fasteners. However, due to the high pursuit of quality, it has not yet been fully localized in my country, and some of it still needs to be imported. In addition, important bolts on automobiles, such as connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts and half shaft bolts, are usually made of high-strength low-carbon boron steel. In the smelting process, the production of carbon-boron steel must be strictly controlled. Therefore, the combination of high efficiency, high strength, high toughness and lightweight is still the essence of automotive fastener steel and its manufacturing, and the science of metal materials will begin in it. In order to save energy and resources, the research on advanced materials, advanced manufacturing tools and advanced equipment has been constantly updated and improved.

    The close integration and cooperation between the smelting industry and the automobile industry will not only further promote the research of modern alloy technology, but also provide a good foundation for the development of high strength and competitiveness of auto fasteners .