The Principle Of Holographic Foil

  •   Holographic foils were selected for their excellent application properties and impressive effects. Often used to add unique, unique finishes, it is also commonly used in security applications to verify and protect product integrity. Produced in a similar way to traditional hot stamping foils, holographic foils feature an embossed pattern within the foil layer that refracts light at different angles. Presents an impressive color spectrum. We chose these foils for their excellent performance in fine and robust stamped designs with good heat, abrasion, and scratch resistance. Contains no PVC, PVDC, or chlorine.

      The holographic foil is applied to the print by foil stamping. We apply heat and pressure to the foil. This technique is also known as hot stamping foil, hot foil, hot foil, hot stamping, or hot foil. Thus, holographic foils are printed in the same way as eg metal foils, pearlescent foils, or pigment foils. The foil is transferred via a cliché (metal plate) to the underlying paper or cardboard. Heat and pressure remove irregularities and any roughness in the paper or board used.

      The holographic foil printing effect is suitable for almost all labels and packaging. Holographic foils can be applied to prints or products as a security element against fraud and counterfeiting. Holograms are difficult to imitate or replicate. Do you want to add unique visible features to your product? Then holographic foil is definitely an option.

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