The Use Of Dry-Type Transformers

  •   Like any other electronic device, a dry-type transformer is made up of various components to ensure the efficiency of its function. Although there are various types of transformers, dry-type transformers are the most commonly used because of their many benefits such as enhanced safety, etc.

      Unlike liquid-filled transformers, which require oil or liquid cooling, dry-type transformers use only environmentally safe high-temperature insulation systems. Dry-type transformers are static, solid-state devices with no moving parts that require minimal maintenance and provide long, reliable, trouble-free life. Being completely non-hazardous, these transformers can be easily installed in hospitals, schools, factories, chemical plants, and buildings where fire safety is a major concern. They can be easily installed indoors and outdoors, just make sure there is adequate ventilation. However, one disadvantage of these transformers is that they are susceptible to dirt, dust, moisture, and corrosion because the windings are exposed to the air.

      The insulating material of the dry-type transformer adopts environmentally friendly materials. So it winds comfortably in a self-extinguishing way, is flame retardant, and of course easy to maintain. With it, you don't have to buy a fire extinguisher anymore. Furthermore, it does not produce toxic gases even under the influence of an electric arc. Dry-type transformers are best suited for industrial, commercial, and even utility applications. This is because they can easily handle small to medium voltage needs.

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