The Role Of Power Transformers

  •      A power transformer is a static electrical device that is used to convert a certain value of AC voltage (current) into another or several different values ​​of voltage (current) with the same frequency. When the primary winding is energized with alternating current, an alternating magnetic flux is generated, and the alternating magnetic flux induces an alternating electromotive force in the secondary winding through the magnetic permeability of the iron core. The level of the secondary induced electromotive force is related to the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings, that is, the voltage is proportional to the number of turns. The main function is to transmit electrical energy, therefore, the rated capacity is its main parameter. The rated capacity is a customary value for expressing power, which is the size of the transmitted electrical energy, expressed in kVA or MVA. When the rated voltage is applied to the transformer, it is used to determine the rated current that does not exceed the temperature rise limit under specified conditions. The more energy-saving power transformer is the amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer, and its biggest advantage is that the no-load loss value is extremely low. Whether the no-load loss value can be finally guaranteed is the core issue to be considered in the entire design process. When arranging the product structure, in addition to considering that the amorphous alloy core itself is not affected by an external force, the characteristic parameters of the amorphous alloy must be selected accurately and reasonably during the calculation.
         The primary and secondary coils of ordinary transformers are concentrically sleeved on an iron core column, with a low-voltage winding inside and a high-voltage winding outside. (The original and secondary coils of the transformer of the electric welding machine are respectively installed on the two iron core columns).
    When the transformer is running with load, when the secondary current increases, the transformer must maintain the main magnetic flux in the iron core unchanged, and the primary current must also increase accordingly to balance the secondary current.
    The secondary active power of the transformer is generally = the rated capacity of the transformer (KVA) × 0.8 (transformer power factor) = KW.

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