Analyze the Printing Elements that May be Popular this Year

  • From a sustainable trend to a cross-season style, the result is a refreshing original beauty.

    Exquisite and practical minimalism, reconstructed with modern lines, to achieve the perfect fusion of minimalist art and commercial fashion. Abstract and smooth brushstrokes, unfinished line drawing, delicate and neat geometric stacking, through artistic symbolic expression, create an elegant, capable, romantic and relaxing visual effect, and make delicate life full of temperature.

    Sustainable fashion is attracting attention at the moment, and natural elements have gradually transformed from simple decorative designs to designs that convey earth protectionism. Plant specimens are an important direction of inspiration for flower patterns in this season. They are suitable for large or small sizes. They can use quiet and simple neutral colors to bring out a simple and original beauty. They can also be combined with autumn colors to create early autumn styles.

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