The Material of Common Outdoor Tents

  • Tents are essential equipment for outdoor camping, and camping also requires high tent fabrics because they must be light, tear-proof, waterproof, and even sun-proof. Today we will briefly introduce the tent materials commonly found in camping.

    The fabrics we often see are 210T, 70D, oxford, silicone, PU, DCF and other specifications.

    T refers to a kind of nylon, namely polyester taffeta, which is light in weight and high in tear resistance, but at the same time, it is not waterproof. The simple explanation of the previous numbers is about weight, the larger the number, the heavier it is.

    D refers to denier, which represents the weight and thickness of the fabric. The larger the number, the more wear-resistant it is, and the heavier it is, the finer the number, the better the air permeability.

    Silicone is a waterproof coating, flammable, highly waterproof, yet light enough, and highly tear-resistant. Silicone is used on the bottom of some tents.

    Because T and Oxford are not waterproof, PU processing is often done to make the fabric waterproof.

    DCF is the highest level of fabric material. It should be officially called cuben. It is the most expensive fabric, but it is light, waterproof, and tear-resistant. However, it has not been popularized due to its high price.

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