Analyze the History of Nylon Production

  • In daily life, nylon products can be seen everywhere. 2021 is the 82nd anniversary of the first launch of nylon products on the market. Nylon is a successful case of technological innovation from inventing to entering the market. However, the road of innovation has been quite difficult.

    According to statistics, 10 silkworms can only spit out 5 grams of silk in their lifetime, and each sheep can only provide 5 kilograms of wool a year, and each mu of cotton field can only provide 50 kilograms of cotton per year. In order to completely solve the problem of dressing, people cannot be satisfied with the gift of nature but should find another way and use artificial methods to make fibers.

    The first synthetic fiber attempt was made by the German chemist Klatt. But his attempt was unsuccessful.

    In 1928, Carothers, a chemistry teacher at Harvard University, synthesized neoprene with low cost and good quality. In the summer of 1930, Carothers’ assistant, Dr. Hill, used ethylene glycol and sebacic acid to undergo a condensation reaction with a catalyst to prepare the polyester. They found that this molten polymer can stretch into long fibrous filaments with spinnability.

    Carothers and the others synthesized hundreds of polyamides. In February 1935, they selected a polymer produced by the reaction of adipic acid and adipic acid and named it nylon. This is a synthetic fiber with commercial value. Its melting point is 263°C, which exceeds the ironing temperature. It can be used as a textile and has high strength, which is the same as the strength of a steel wire with the same cross-sectional area.

    Clothing made of nylon was quickly put on the market. In the summer of 1939, the New York World Trade Fair exhibited nylon stockings, which are thin, light, and strong, and are very popular. Nylon stockings became a commodity snapped up by women. In 1940, the first nylon fiber factory was officially put into operation, initially designed to produce 3 million pounds per year, and later expanded to 8 million pounds. The production scale of nylon has developed rapidly, and many countries have introduced it.

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