Five Ways to Judge the Quality of Luggage Fabrics

  • Common luggage fabrics include PVC/PU leather, nylon/oxford fabric, non-woven fabric and denim/canvas fabrics. Below I will briefly introduce how to distinguish the quality of luggage fabrics, I hope it will help you.

    1. The texture of the fabric can be felt by the touch. Good fabrics feel very delicate, warm and comfortable to the touch, and will use natural drapes when hanging. The denser the fabric texture is more obvious and durable. The better the grinding performance.
    2. A good bag fabric will have a soft light that is different from oily under the light. Different fabrics have different glosses. The density of nylon fabrics is thicker and obvious, so the gloss is brighter than other cloth fabrics. ; The leather itself is reflective, so the gloss will be higher.
    3. Good fabrics are generally lighter in weight. The cloth fabric is light and soft, easy to sew and cut, and easy to carry. However, it seems that the heavier the leather, the more real it is. The general test is to see if the leather has a taste. Good leather does not taste.
    4. Good fabrics have very good elasticity and reducibility and can be restored to flat without wrinkles when kneaded together by hand. This test is most suitable for the dermis, which is elastic.
    5. You can refer to the wool fiber diameter in microns, the smaller the value, the better.

    Luggage fabric not only directly affects the appearance of the product but also relates to the market price of the product. Great attention must be paid to the design and selection: style, material and color are the three elements of design. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co ., Ltd is committed to producing high-quality fabrics and sincerely serving customers. Please consult us for more details.