Analyze the difference between oxford fabric and canvas


    The oxford fabric is mostly interwoven with polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn and adopts a weft-weight flat or square flat weave. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick-drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing.

    Canvas is a thick and thick fabric woven with multiple strands of warp and weft yarns. It is compact and thick, feels stiff, and is strong and wear-resistant.

    Oxford fabric is more wear-resistant than canvas, and it is also harder. Oxford cloth is generally used on chemical fiber fabrics, such as polyester oxford and nylon oxford. There are types of canvas such as cotton canvas, polyester-cotton canvas or nylon cotton canvas.

    The most common oxford fabric is the waterproof oxford fabric, which has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, insulation, windproof, and warmth. The waterproof and breathable fabric strengthens the air-tightness and water-tightness of the fabric. At the same time, its unique vapor permeability can quickly discharge water vapor inside the structure, avoid mold breeding in the structure, and keep the human body always dry, which perfectly solves the problem of ventilation, windproof, and waterproof. Heat preservation and other issues are a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly fabric.

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