The role of full stretch Oxford fabric


    Everyone must have heard of oxford fabrics. Today, let’s take a look at three different types of oxford fabrics.

    ①Full stretch Oxford cloth

    The warp and weft yarns of the fabric are made of polyester DTY300D yarn, which is interwoven on a water-jet loom with a coarse-point changeable air structure. After the fabric is relaxed, refined, pre-shaped, alkali-reduced, and soft-set, the reverse side of the fabric is passed through the rubber-plastic polyester layer. Bags made of this fabric are sought after by many trendy ladies who love beauty for their fashionable appearance, delicate texture, and good water resistance, and become the new favorites in the current female bag market.

    ②Tiger Oxford cloth

    The warp yarn of the fabric uses polyester DTY400D network yarn, and the weft yarn uses polyester DTY yarn 400D. It adopts the Tig weave texture and is interwoven on a water jet loom. The fabric design is novel, the craft is unique, the front checkered pattern is prominent, the three-dimensional effect is strong, and it becomes the most prominent part of the fabric. At the same time, the coating (PU) process is also used on the back to make it more waterproof and drape. Kind of fashionable materials for luggage.

    ③Weft Oxford cloth

    The warp of the fabric is polyester FDY68D/24F, and the weft is FDY150D/36F as the raw material. The weaving process uses weft strips and water jet weaving. The cloth noodles are clear, combining modernity, artistry and drape. After the grey fabric is dyed, embossed or calendered, it has the advantages of strong drape and good water resistance. The material is also applied to the production of fashionable casual gray shoes, because the characteristics of the material itself provide a wealth of choices for wearing and matching!

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