Wood Frame and Artwork

  • What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Wood Frame for ArtworkGreat artwork must be matched with great frames. The frame of an artwork should help enhance the piece and highlight it amongst other images and decorations. When you choose a frame for a piece of art, it is important to pay attention to the details and pick the perfect fitting piece. Custom wooden photo frames offer a beautiful, high-quality option for framing.

    There are several reasons we recommend wood frames for you artwork. Here are a few of the top reasons wood is an excellent framing choice:

    Quality: First and foremost, wood is a high-quality material that provides a classy look. If you have spent money on an artwork piece, you do not want to put it in a cheap frame! Matching quality art with a quality frame is a must, and wood framing is a great choice.

    Long-Lasting: When you spend money on a wood frame, it will last a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about a quality wood frame breaking or falling apart after years of use. Quality wood frames will stand the test of time for style and structure.

    Custom Framing: Wood is the material used most for custom framing. Choosing a custom wood frame ensures that the frame is sized exactly right for the artwork. It also allows the owner to choose the exact style, color, and overall look of the piece.

    If you want to preserve the condition of your picture frames, together with the artwork or photos that they contain, you have to choose a storage space carefully. Picture frames should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, even if they're already inside boxes.

    Keep your picture frames away from sunlight, humidity, and harsh temperatures as these things are the main factors that can cause your photos or artwork to fade and discolor over time. Avoid storing your picture frames near doors, windows, and appliances. Placing picture frames inside closets or a climate-controlled storage unit is a good way to give them protection from external elements.

    Storing picture frames in basements or garages is not advisable since these areas are susceptible to humidity and water damage. It's also not recommended to store picture frames in attics since the heat there can dry out the picture frame finishes and cause them to deteriorate.

    We are Wooden Crafts suppliers, contact us to learn more about our options for wood picture frames. We can help you find the frame that is just right for your artwork.