Top Five Cell Phone Parts Suppliers in USA

  • Cell phones are an integral part of everyone’s daily life these days. For instance, you can surf through your social network, and we can bet that you’ll hardly find a person who does not use a cell phone. Just like all other electronic devices, software and hardware issues are not something new. Such issues require some forms of repairing efforts, giving a boost to mobile phone replacement parts repair businesses. While mobile phone repair shops can stock their inventories with the latest parts, it does not guarantee that the desired parts will be readily available whenever a demand for it arises. Moreover, finding an original parts’ supplier at the best rates possible is also a challenge in itself.

    We totally get the stress you have to deal with, due to which we have compiled a list of the best cell phone parts suppliers in the U.S. market — several of whom have made their identity known in the country within a few years.

    Phone LCD Parts

    Phone LCD Parts rank the highest among the top Phone parts suppliers in the USA. These companies specialize in ensuring the provisions of wholesale cell phone accessories and replacement parts to retail and repair stores in North America. Phone LCD Parts offer high-quality products and focus on their timely delivery as well. The company further claims that all their screens are hand-tested throughout the supply chain — ensuring superior quality control. Also, their customers are offered hassle-free refunds for any defective parts. To order parts from Phone LCD Parts please visit their website.


    Integration of MobileSentrix with RepairDesk is a very fruitful step. They provide you with a list of mobile parts, belonging to almost every mobile phone company in the world. MobileSentrix ensures high quality products are delivered, along with this, it also offers a lifetime guarantee to all of its customers. They also let you shop for parts of other electronic devices, apart from just lg replacement parts mobile phones. Even if you place an order, without highlighting the urgency, you can be sure that the receivability time frame is the smallest and fastest to fulfill the tasks lined up.

    ReVamp Wholesale

    One of the biggest names in the wholesale industry, ReVamp caters to the needs of several thousand satisfied customers. The devices it offers range from Nokia to iPhone, Samsung to LG, and Google to any other manufacturer you can recall. It allows a customer to pay through PayPal and credit cards, which are mostly the preferred mode of payments. To keep its customers tied closely, ReVamp wholesale also offers many discounts and bonus points to their loyal customers. Head over to their website or Facebook page to order your parts now!

    Mobile Defenders

    While most of the wholesale businesses target large-scale businesses, Mobile Defenders shatters the rules of the industry by offering the services even to individuals, along with mobile repair businesses. Offering the best available services at affordable rates, with free and on-time delivery, coupled with a lifetime warranty on products — check out their website or Facebook page to order phone parts online.

    Phone Parts USA

    Phone Parts USA has stocked its inventory with a variety of cell phone parts that you may need. The store offers quality spare parts of cell phones, belonging to custom phone case various manufacturers, of varying models. The store frequently puts up sales offers to help its loyal customers every now and then, and also bring in new ones.

    Cellular Parts USA

    When looking for cell phone repair parts, Cellular Parts USA has you totally covered. Their remarkable services include discounts to students, seniors, military workers and disables. Moreover, the payment options enabled in their stores are the easiest of all. You can pay via credit cards and/or cash as well. The best part about them is their return policy. You can get the best cell phone repair parts, with timely replacements incase of a faulty one.

    Additionally, you can find several more retailers in the USA but the best of the best have been listed above. You can count on these retailers to give you the best cell phone parts of any manufacturer at the best rates within the committed time and will offer you a guarantee as well.