What kind of folding stool chair meets the standard

  • Students spend most of their time in the folding stool chair. A standard folding stool chair plays an important role in developing students' correct reading and writing posture, reducing fatigue and improving learning efficiency. So, what is the standard for folding stool chair?

    According to the "Functional Dimensions and Technical Requirements for School Desks and Chairs" (GB/T3976-2014), the folding stool chair requires that the desk of the folding stool chair of the same size matches the chair. It is also possible to use two adjacent models of large tables and small chairs to match under existing conditions. For example: a student whose height is 3800px, compared from the folding stool chair table, and the height conforms to the size of the 4th and 5th desks and chairs at the same time, then there are three ways to match the folding stool chair: the 4th desk and the 4th desk chair. , desk 5 and chair 5, desk 4 and chair 5. At the same time, students should be reminded that the correct sitting posture of the folding stool chair is also very important. The head should be straight, the body should be straight, the feet should be flat, the head should be straight, and it should lean forward naturally. The eyes should be about one foot away from the table top of the folding stool chair. Press the paper and hold the pen in your right hand; sit firmly, keep your shoulders flat, keep your upper body upright, lean forward slightly, keep your chest a fist away from the folding stool chair, and keep your whole body relaxed and natural; keep your feet flat, separate from left to right, and step naturally.

    At the end of the folding stool chair manufacturer, I would like to remind everyone that the health of students requires you and me to participate together.

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