How to choose children's wooden furniture, remember these six p

  • 1. Material selection

    It is best to choose wooden furniture for children's wooden furniture. At present, pine is the preferred wood for children's wooden furniture, and Romanian white pine, Finnish pine and sycamore pine are the mainstream in the market. The cheap wood in the solid wood furniture made of pine is generally not faked.

    Ordinary pine furniture has a yellowish color and a lot of scars, which affects the visual perception, but the furniture made of white pine is different. Because children's wooden furniture is made of water-based paint, you can definitely see the original color of the wood, so the color of white pine is different. White, almost 100% scar-free

    So when you buy children's wooden furniture, you will know that some are very cheap and some are very expensive. They are also pine wood, and the price will be much different.

    2. How to choose paint

    The painting of children's wooden furniture must also be paid attention to. For example, the UV spray painting process is very environmentally friendly. In this way, children can live in a healthy and natural environment from an early age

    For children's wooden furniture, the problem of paint is particularly important, and water-based paint must be selected. So when you buy, you should also ask the merchant what kind of paint they use.

    3. The mattress should not be too soft

    Because the child is in the growth and development period, the bones and spine are not fully developed, and the bed is too soft, which may easily cause the child's bone development and deformation. So we also have a lot to pay attention to when choosing a mattress.

    Children's mattresses are harder, generally thin brown pads, and children's mattresses should not be bought too high, more for the safety of children. I don't know if he wakes up in the morning with his head at the head of the bed, by the side of the bed or at the end of the bed.

    4. Corner function: anti-collision

    Don't underestimate the rounded corners of desks, cabinets, and storage boxes. Because children are very active, it is common for them to run and jump in the room. If they are not careful, they will bump into the corner of the table. If the corner of the table is sharp, it is particularly easy to cause injury.

    Moreover, as a children's wooden furniture, with a rounded and rounded corner, in the case of greatly reduced safety, furniture without rounded corners is more suitable for children in terms of appearance and appearance.

    5. Damper function: anti-pinch

    Children are very young, and their reaction and cognition are not as good as our adults, so there are many things that are pinched by doors or pressed by drawers; dampers are widely used in wardrobe doors and drawer doors, in the slow rebound time.

    Let the child respond to the imminent danger of hand pinching, even if the hand is pulled back, it will not cause the little finger to be accidentally pinched because of closing the cabinet too hard; minimize the damage to the greatest extent;

    6. The weight has a mysterious function: anti-smashing injury

    The weight of children's wooden furniture seems to be a bit extreme. It is either very heavy or very light. In fact, this is also very important, in order to prevent it from hurting children.

    Of course, lightweight furniture made of plastic is less likely to be injured. However, if the material of the table and stool for children is relatively heavy, it is generally designed so that he cannot lift it, so that even if he is pushed down, he will fall to the ground and will not hit himself.

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