How to choose and maintain children's fitness rack

  • How to choose children's fitness rack? I believe that investors and garden directors are more concerned about it. Most of the furniture materials are solid wood materials. Let us explain the advantages and maintenance of solid wood furniture.

    The advantages of solid wood furniture

    First, the advantages of solid wood furniture:

    1) Selected oak, with texture, beautiful texture, good toughness, uniform texture and long service life;

    2) The paint color is full, the luster is elegant, the shape is simple, and it returns to nature;

    3) Made of solid wood, healthy and environmentally friendly, with strong bearing capacity

    4) Oak furniture has beautiful texture and obvious mountain-shaped wood grain. Similar to pine, it is also often used in pastoral style furniture. The processed oak furniture has good toughness and beauty. It has a smooth and delicate texture to the touch.

    5) Oak furniture is thick and firm. It has high fracture strength, strong earthquake resistance and long service life. Moisture is not easy to deform, very resistant to wear.

    Second, the maintenance of solid wood furniture:

    1) If it is a low-lying bungalow, the legs of the furniture must be properly raised if the ground is wet, otherwise the legs will be easily corroded by moisture. This does not specifically refer to the maintenance of oak furniture. Many furniture should pay attention to this. Afraid of tide.

    2) Avoid placing too heavy items on the surface of furniture for a long time, especially TVs, fish tanks, etc., which will deform the furniture. Non-breathable materials such as plastic cloth should not be placed on the desktop. The surface of the furniture should avoid friction with hard objects to avoid damage to the paint surface and wood surface texture. For example, be careful when placing decorative items such as porcelain, copper, etc., usually a soft cloth .

    3) If the floor in the room is uneven, it will cause the furniture to deform after a long time. The way to avoid it is to use a small piece of wood to level it. Avoid placing furniture in front of large south-facing windows, as prolonged direct sunlight will dry out the furniture and cause discoloration.

    4), hot water cups, etc. cannot be placed directly on the surface of the furniture, which will leave traces that are not easy to remove. Colored liquids, such as ink, should be avoided on the table.

    5) Do not wipe hardwood furniture with wet rags or rough rags, especially old furniture. Use a clean and soft cotton cloth, add a little furniture wax or walnut oil after a period of time, and gently wipe it back and forth along the wood grain.

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