Animal Crossing: How To Plant A Money Tree

  • Animal Crossing is a highly free and casual game that is deeply loved by players. As an important prop in the game, the bell has an irreplaceable role. Today we will talk about how to plant a money tree to get bells.

    The so-called money tree is a tree that can grow bells. The money tree will grow bells, and when you shake the tree, the bells will fall. The money tree will become an ordinary tree again. You can use the bells to get the Nook Miles Tickets.

    Before you plant a money tree, you need to put some of the bells in your pocket. These bells will be buried underground as seeds. Then you need to find a luminous point on the ground and try to dig in the luminous place. After that, store the prepared bell in the luminous place. Wait a few days and shake the tree, and claim your Bells.

    When you shake the money tree for the first time, you may only get a small portion of the bells. At this point, you can choose to bury these bells underground again. When you shake the money tree again, there is a high chance of getting a lot of bells. Although you can get more bells by burying bells, it does not mean that the more you bury, the more you get. The bells produced by the money tree have an upper limit. At present, the number of bells produced by a money tree will not exceed 30,000. Therefore, it is not a feasible way to hope to become rich by money tree. Buy Nook Miles Tickets may be a feasible method.

    Planting money trees is just one way to get bells. You can also get bells by fishing or selling fossils. If you don't want to spend too much time on getting bells, I suggest you can buy them on the website. You can also get lucrative bells or air tickets at low prices.