We are a medical device company. The main products are Disposable Electrosurgical Pencil, etc. Let me share with you the development trend and thinking of the future medical device industry.

      With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the wide application of high-tech in the field of medical devices, the development of medical devices has entered a new stage. Modern medical device products play an extremely important role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Its characteristics are mainly manifested in:

      1. Technology Integration

      The medical device industry is a multidisciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive, and technology-integrated high-tech industry. It has high scientific and technological content and strong innovation, involving many disciplines such as medicine, computer, electronic information engineering, mechanical processing, biochemistry, automatic control, and materials. It is one of the few industries that involve the most disciplines.

      Many large medical devices are the result of multi-technology, multi-disciplinary fusion, such as computed tomography (CT), MRI, emission computed tomography (ECT), positron emission tomography (PET), surgical robotics, vascular Imaging machines, automatic biochemical analyzers, and multi-parameter and multi-function bedside monitoring systems are all comprehensive technology crossover products.

      2. Strategic emerging industries focus on support

      With the advancement of medicine and the continuous emergence of new technologies and new achievements, the modern health industry has higher and higher requirements for medical equipment, and the fierce competition in the market makes medical devices highly sensitive to new technologies. All countries in the world, especially developed countries, focus on supporting and developing medical devices as a strategic emerging industry.

      3. High degree of automation and intelligence

      With the development of computer and artificial intelligence technology, medical devices are constantly developing in the direction of automation and intelligence. Automatic functions replace manual operations, and machine learning assists or even replaces manual diagnosis. For example, clinical inspection work has been freed from tedious manual operations, while It is replaced by large-scale testing equipment such as automatic biochemical analyzer and blood cell analysis system. The common features of these equipment are: less sample volume and more testing indicators.

      Modern inspection equipment can automatically process and detect according to the set program, and the results are accurate and repeatable. Emerging radiomics technologies, through machine learning methods, have been able to achieve accurate localization and diagnosis of lesions. Surgical robots and surgical navigation can realize minimally invasive and precise intervention, detection and surgical treatment.

      4. High reliability and safety requirements

      Medical devices act on the human body, and their safety and effectiveness are directly related to human health and life safety. Therefore, there are very high requirements for its safety and efficacy.

      5. Quality continues to improve, prices gradually drop

      The application of advanced manufacturing technology and high-performance materials, large-scale automated production, and fierce competition in the market force manufacturers to continuously improve technology and reduce costs. Product performance and quality continue to improve, but the price gradually declines.

      6. Maintenance-free design and one-off application

      While large-scale medical devices are developing in the direction of multi-function, integration and automation, some conventional small medical devices are developing in the direction of simplicity, practicality, stability and reliability, and maintenance-free design. In addition, the application of some disposable medical devices is not only safe and convenient, but also more in line with the characteristics of the human body. While reducing cross-infection, it also reduces the trauma and pain of patients to a certain extent.

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