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    With the constant invasion of cold air, we are about to enter Christmas night in 2020. As Chinese people, words can best express people's hearts. Then bring a series of Christmas greetings, and send you the most sincere Christmas wishes.

    The arrival of Christmas will increase your happiness and reduce your sorrow! Friends who send this message will be happy; Friends you receive will bring happiness! Let's cheer for Christmas!

    White snowflakes, colorful Christmas trees and gorgeous fireworks set off colorful Christmas together. I can't express my heart by writing my blessing in poetry or painting. I decided to bless you with a short message: Merry Christmas.

    Christmas is festive, Christmas stockings are filled with good luck, Christmas trees are hung with good luck, Christmas bells are ringing with happiness, and Christmas messages sent by Santa Claus are filled with my most sincere greetings to you. I wish you a merry Christmas and happy every day!

    Christmas is coming soon. I put all the happiness, good fortune, wealth, spirit and luck I have collected for a year into a beautiful box. On Christmas Day, let Santa bring them to you, wishing you a merry Christmas!

    Christmas greetings! Solemnly declare: You are not allowed to discount this blessing without permission, such as not replying or sending it in groups. Once I find any violation, I will send my blessing without interruption until your mobile phone is cut off.

    You are rice, you are clothes, you are my sweet little sweet; You are the sea, I am the fish, and you can swim around; You are a kite, I am a thread, and my thoughts for you will not change. Christmas is safe with you, and happiness is sweet forever.

    Christmas is approaching. For the sake of the earth's environment and resources, and to show our love for the President, please consciously reduce the purchase of traditional paper money greeting cards. You can fill in a congratulatory message on the RMB printed with the President and send it to me. Thank you!

    Sunset is dyed with sunlight, night falls, white snow is inlaid with pine trees, laughter is inlaid with costumes, and the western ocean is used for China. It is said that it is fashionable, but it is no longer fashionable. Santa Claus has unveiled the imperial list and was once the top scholar in high school. I wish you all a merry Christmas!

    I hope that in the future journey, all my friends will be in good health, all the best and all the wishes will come true. All dreams come true, all hopes come true and all wishes come true. May Christmas be happy.

    I like the vitality of spring, the green shade of summer, the fruitful results of autumn and the snow in winter! I prefer to send my best wishes to the people I like at this time of year: Merry Christmas!

    When human beings think, God laughs. When God laughs, Christmas comes. Gifts are received as soon as Christmas comes. Happiness is broadcast as soon as the gift is received. As soon as happiness is broadcast, blessings are sent. Merry Christmas!

    The gentle wind brings a faint bell; Excited bells witness peaceful celebrations. Warm Christmas Eve, light the gorgeous Christmas tree, make a long wish, wish your friends a merry Christmas and a happy life.

    There is such a strange phenomenon. It is estimated that 99% people will open this message without hesitation, including you, who can't help but be tempted because the content of my message is: Merry Christmas!

    Christmas has no worries, only happiness to find; Christmas has no sorrow, only happiness takes the lead; Christmas has no pain, only happiness; Christmas has no pressure, only easy transmission. May you feel good at Christmas.


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