U Drill Bit is one of our products. Let me introduce the solution for deep hole machining chip removal.

      Generally, the hole depth is more than 3 to 5 times of the diameter of the hole, which is called a deep hole. Its difficulty is in chip removal and cooling. The hole with a relatively small depth can be drilled with a twist drill. Come out and bring out smaller fragments, and the coolant is easy to enter. The grinding method of the drill bit can be a relatively simple grinding method.

      1. Increase the included angle of the drill edge to 130-140 degrees to increase the chip thickness and change the direction of chip discharge (the direction of chip discharge is perpendicular to the cutting edge).​​

      2. Grinding the chisel edge to reduce the axial cutting blade and at the same time the cutting edge is close to the drill core to generate a corner to facilitate chip separation.​​

      3. If the drill diameter is large, the chip groove can be ground on one side of the cutting edge, and it should be wider to balance the cutting force of the two cutting edges. If the diameter is large, the chip groove can be ground on the two cutting edges.

      4. Chamfer 1mm at 45 degrees at the outer corner of the cutting edge to reduce wear and improve finish.​​

      5. The rotation speed of the drilling is slightly lower, and the feed amount should be larger, so that the chips are thickened and discharged in strips.

      6. The nozzle of the coolant should face the hole inward so that the coolant can enter the cutting area.

      When the hole diameter ratio is greater than 8 times and the batch is large, it is best to drill on a dedicated deep hole drilling machine, which is very efficient. I have tried to produce a lathe spindle with a diameter of 32 and a length of about 850 mm. The material 45 steel only takes 13 minutes and minutes.

      There are two types of deep hole drilling: external chip removal and internal chip removal;

      The smaller diameter adopts the external chip removal, because the drill pipe is too small to remove the chips. The inner hole of the drill pipe with a relatively large diameter has enough space for chip removal, and the high-pressure oil is pressed between the hole wall and the drill pipe to remove the chips and the drill pipe. The heat is discharged from the rod. The drill bit is a special general-purpose carbide, divided into two parts: guide and chip edge. The chip edge is ground into a trapezoidal shape to separate chips. The height and width of the chip breaker depends on the material and feed of the workpiece. It is better to ensure that the chip shape is tight and small C-shaped or tile-shaped.

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