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      Twist drills are generally made of high-speed steel; deep-hole drills usually refer to tools that process holes with a ratio of hole depth to hole diameter greater than 6. Commonly used gun drills, BTA deep hole drills, jet drills, DF deep hole drills, etc.; reaming drills have 3 to 4 teeth, which are used to expand existing holes and improve machining accuracy and finish. The countersink has more teeth, and the hole end is processed into the desired shape by the forming method, which is used to process the countersunk head hole of various countersunk head screws, or to cut the outer end face of the flat hole. The drill is used for drilling the holes of shaft workpieces. It is essentially a combination of a twist drill with a small helix angle and a counter drill, so it is also called a compound drill. The middle of the hollow drill pipe is a hollow drill bit, which is mainly used for coring of drilled objects.

      Consider the dimensional accuracy requirements of drilling

      Generally speaking, the smaller the hole diameter to be machined, the smaller the tolerance. Therefore, it is generally used for hole processing with low precision requirements, or finishing the hole by replacing the boring insert.

      Pay attention to the toughness of the drill

      This is also the guarantee that some manufacturers can bring. In this process, manufacturers can produce better results through a series of good material ratios and some production processes.

      Consider the stability of the machine tool

      Machine tool stability is critical to the safe life of drill bits and drilling accuracy, so the working condition of machine tool spindles, fixtures, and accessories needs to be carefully inspected. In addition, the stability of the drill bit itself should also be considered. For example, solid carbide drills are rigid and can therefore achieve high machining accuracy. The cemented carbide indexable insert drill has poor structural stability and is prone to deflection.

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