Injection Tooling Fabrication

  • Custom Plastic Injection Molds Making

    At Goodtech, we provide high-quality custom injection molding tooling services for a wide range of devices within the medical industry and automobile industry. Our injection mold services include custom mold and design, mold design, plastic mold manufacturing, OEM mold making, plastic product design and development assistance.

    Plastic Injection Mold Company - Goodtech

    Only good tooling delivers consistent high quality and cost-effective parts. As one of the leading plastic injection mold manufacturers in China, Goodtech equipped with mirror finish EDM machines, high-speed CNC machines and a precision wire cutter supporting our experienced tooling technician building good molds. We check both the copper masters and steel to ensure the dimension of every piece of tooling meet our drawings. We make about 20 sets of molds for our own use and another 40 sets for international customers every month. Goodtech helps customers to well organize their product design, tooling and manufacturing that consistently meets customer’s standards in a fast cycle, economic investment, etc. The goal of Goodtech is to deliver the best levels of customer satisfaction, lower production costs and best profits.

    We are building approximate 60 sets of toolings at this bright and very organized tooling shop every month. We do CNC machining, EDM, wire cutting, cooling line drilling, polishing, mold fitting and assembly here. Every single plate of mold, side actions, sliders and control boxes are marked with tooling number to track them properly from machining stage to final assembly. All the copper masters and graphite maters are CMM measured and recorded in our ERP system.

    CNC machining is an important process of plastic tooling fabrication. Mold base, big area of cavity and core, copper master and graphite master are all CNC machined. Our professional program engineers optimize the tracking and switching the tools to maximize the machining efficiency, surface quality and dimensional and geometrical accuracy.

    For the small and narrow area, or to process hardened steel, EDM is a very efficient process. The principle of EDM machining is moving the copper master toward steel block to create a small gap (usually 0.08mm to 0.25mm), then there is an electrical breakdown causes e-discharge to burn the surface of the steel. Cooling liquid bring the small powder of burnt steel away. The surface material of the steel is removed.


    We use CMM to measure all the copper master and steel to make sure they meet the print. All the dimensions are saved into our database for tracking and analysis. The tolerance of molds are strictly controlled to ensure the tolerance of injection molded parts.


    Fitting, assembly and polishing requires skilled technician to work carefully. Beside building new molds, we regularly maintain our molds as well. Usually we take off the molds for cleaning and repairing the mating surface, ejecting system, cooling lines, venting channels, sliders and hot runner system every 100K shots. Only a healthy and robust molds can deliver consistent quality and efficiency.