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  • Type C Connector Manufacturer In China — Goldconn


    Goldconn is a leading custom USB Type C connector manufacturer & factory in China, it has more than 16 years of experience in the USB connectors industry. Goldconn supplies all kinds of Type C female connectors and Type C male connectors for both standard and exclusively customized which extensive in use in a variety of industries.
    As a professional Type C connector manufacturer, Goldconn pays attention to every process in the production and does not miss every detail in order to make excellent products and services. Only quality and services can highlight its advantages in the industry and grow up sharply.

    Type C Male Connector

    Why Choose Goldconn Type C Connector?


    Goldconn has been focusing on the design, development, production and sales of USB connectors. Since the official release of Type-C USB version 1.0 in August 2014, Goldconn has designed and produced more than 100 Type-C USB male and female sockets, all of which comply with the USB Association certification requirements and have passed TID certification. Among them, the waterproof Type-C USB female connectors, Type-C USB 24 PIN female connectors, Type-C USB 16 PIN female connectors are our leading products, which are mainly used in smart phones, car charging, external hard drives, notebook computers and small Electronic equipment.

    The USB Type-C connector we independently researched and produced can guarantee 100% product quality, provide free samples, and deliver stable delivery. At the same time, it can provide flexible logistics services: DHL/UPS/Fedex, FOB HK, DAP and Ex-work.

    (1) It can meet the same performance compatibility with the international brand Type C connector.

    (2) Certified by TID Association.

    (3) Type C male connector or female connector can provide free samples within 100pcs.

    The Features of Goldconn Type C Connector


    (1) The reversible new shape It can be inserted any way up as the connector pins are the same on either side.

    (2) Supporting the new standard USB-C connector supports various exciting new USB standards like USB 3.1 — which allows extremely fast data transfers of up to 10 Gbps — and USB PD, which enables power delivery.

    (3) Even faster charging

    (4) Space-saving

    (5) Interoperability

    (6) Backward compatible

    Advantages of Goldconn Type C Connector


    (1) Micro Pitch

    (2) Low Profile

    (3) High Speed

    (4) Automatic assembly

    (5) Automatic inspection

    Goldconn’s Strength


    (1) R&D ability

    (2) Own brand

    (3) Customization capabilities

    (4) Vertical integration, production flexibility and efficiency

    (5) Capacity with economies of scale, high delivery cooperation degree

    (6) Connector product line complete, a wide range of applications

    (7) ISO9001, 14001, IATF16949

    (8) Goldconn listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange (stock code 838337) in Aug 2016

    Industries That Use Type C Connector


    So many Macs, Windows laptops now featuring the interface, it’s clear that the USB Type-C connector is here to stay. And USB Type-C ports are now found on all manner of devices, from simple external hard drives to high-end laptops and the latest smartphones. While every USB-C port looks the same, not every one offers the same capabilities. USB-C may now be ubiquitous, but it doesn’t serve the same functions everywhere.