why use uniguard gps fuel monitoring?

  • What is UniGuard GPS fuel monitoring system?

    Uniguard vehicle fuel tracking system is composed of GPS fuel tracking device UM777, fuel monitoring level sensor and GPS tracking software.

    1. GPS fuel tracker UM777

    UM777 is an advanced GPS tracking device. It is IP67 waterproof with one RS232/485 port. It can support at most 4 fuel sensors at same time with a senor box.

    1. Fuel level sensor

    Our fuel monitoring sensor has always been under evolution. Right now we offer ultrasonic fuel sensor head for accurate fuel consumption monitoring, as well as fast and easy installation.

    1. GPS tracking software

    Our gps tracking software is specially and professionally designed for accurate and live fuel consumption monitoring, and alert when there is fuel thefts. Below are some screenshots about the various fuel monitoring reports. All the fuel reports include 2 parts: Graph and Details, in which includes Start Time/Fuel/Address, and End Time/Fuel/Address.

    • Realtime Fuel Report

    Realtime fuel report gives a clear report about fuel consumption, when where and how much fuel is used during the trip.
    gps fuel monitoring

    • Idle Fuel Report

    Idle fuel report tells how much fuel is used while engine idle state, as well the time and location.
    gps fuel monitoring

    • Daily Fuel Report

    Daily fuel report clearly tell how much fuel is used per day, used at idle state, used per 100KM, added and leaked as well.
    gps fuel monitoring

    • Fuel Mileage Report

    Fuel mileage report tells how much fuel is used and the mileage travelled during a trip.
    gps fuel monitoring

    • Monthly Fuel Details

    Monthly fuel details shall give a complete view of a vehicle fuel consumption, refuel, fuel leak details day by day.
    gps fuel monitoring device

    • Monthly Refuel/Leak Report

    Monthly refuel/Leak report gives a total view of vehicle fuel add and leak reports with map location display and fuel graph.
    gps fuel monitoring

    • Refuel Report

    Refuel report gives fuel adding amount, time, duration, and address.
    gps fuel monitoring system

    What’s more, the platform also support Temperature report and Weight Report.