What Is a Sprayer Used For?

  •     You may have come across a reusable fine mist sprayer at your local salon or barbershop. In addition to being propellant-free, the sprayer can be used at any angle, making it ideal for 360° applications. The nebulizer produces 98% liquid evacuation without the use of pressurization, greatly reducing waste. By attaching the newly filled bottle to the sprayer assembly, the cap can be easily removed to refill the bottle or recharge. Has a long continuous fixed output of 1.2cc per second. Repeated actuation will produce a fine, uniform mist ideal for a variety of applications.

    1) Plant Care:

    Compared to traditional aerosols, the sprayer reduces severe drops in product temperature, making it ideal for sensitive vegetal use. Continuous jetting action means less pump triggering and reduced risk of user fatigue.

    2) Pet Care:

    Combining an even, continuous mist with the sprayer's low-noise application makes it the perfect choice for our furry friends. Consumers no longer need to worry about scaring their pets with the racket of traditional sprayers or worrying about the side effects of propellant-based aerosol cans.

    3) Car maintenance:

    We all know how much some car enthusiasts cherish their cars. Combine your car care products with the even spray action of the sprayer. Older trigger sprayers just don't deliver the liquid evenly, which is very important for this type of consumer.

    4) Personal care:

    The persistent fine mist makes it the perfect packaging choice for self-tanning solutions, sunscreens, and hair care products. Most current applicators require an aerosol for inverted spray capability.

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