get success in government job exam, tie these 7 things

  •  If preparation is done in the right direction for government job exam, competitive Govt exam or board exam, then everyone can be successful in these exams. But as the exam day approaches, students start feeling anxious. In such a situation, the focus is removed from the examination and there is panic and fear in the mind. But students can get rid of exam anxiety to a great extent if they pay attention to some basic things. So let's know what is the surefire mantra to get success in the examination. Get Sarkari Results after complete exam

    Let's say the exam is important
    No matter how scared or hesitant you may be, but in academic life, you will have to face exams and tests, the sooner you know and accept this fact, the sooner you will be able to overcome exam phobia. The truth is that without exams and tests, children will never study seriously or give their best. So understand that test stress is mandatory for good performance. Get Latest FreeJobAlert for govt jobs

    Emphasis on clearing concepts
    If you rote without understanding, the chances of forgetting will be very high. Also, this study will never be useful for the future life. Apart from this, if you have rote Q&A without understanding the topic, then you will become clean bold as soon as the examiner throws a little googly i.e. turns around and asks the question. Therefore, read as much as you can from the beginning, understand the topic and absorb the concepts. Once you understand the concept, then no matter how much you turn around and ask, you will easily answer any question. Participate in Weekly Tests, Half Yearly Tests and Mock Tests conducted in the school.

    writing practice is essential
    Never depend on the method of memorizing only by reading and reciting and repeating your mind. The right way to read and memorize is a little hard work. Read the first chapter. Then memorize the Q&A. After this, also write them and see how much percent you write correctly, where are the mistakes and in how much time you write the answer to a question. Everything in the exam hall matters, so your preparation should not be half-completed. Make sure to practice writing for at least two-and-a-half hours a day. Many times students are not able to write all the answers in three hours due to lack of writing practice.

    realistic ho routine
    Many students come up with a lot of enthusiasm and make very tight and perfect routines, which are very idealistic in appearance but difficult to follow practically. Waking up at 5 in the morning and sleeping at 11 in the night. In the meantime, they have neither time for play or entertainment, nor proper time for eating and drinking. As a result, this routine collapses on the very first day. Always make a proper reading routine and follow it diligently. In this routine, full care should be taken to rest and eat and drink.

    Know Your Energy Time
    If you want to read correctly, then identify the time when you are most energetic and in a light mood. Many students like to study tough things early in the morning, some late at night. You also recognize your time and study difficult subjects in energy hours. This will make your work a lot easier.

    Give time to all subjects
    Many students consider some subjects very easy and do not read them in the beginning that they will study later. They do not even know when the exams are postponed and then suddenly one day they feel that they have not even read a single reading of this subject yet. In such a situation, their hands and feet swell and feel the nerves. Never do such mistake. Give proper time to all the subjects from the beginning. Keep reading the notes of different subjects that you have made during class studies. Keep revising the course regularly.

    Create WhatsApp group of teacher-students
    If possible, create a WhatsApp group with teachers and students in which both students and teachers are involved. If you have any kind of confusion then you can post it. You will get the solution. Similarly, if there is any new information, it can be exchanged.

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