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  • Ladies, it's time for the details; let's talk about those boobs prom dresses online . While it might seem weird to ask for advice on what you should do with your breasts at a prom, it's a perfectly understandable (and common) question. After all, you want to look your best for prom night — and that includes your boobs. So, let's get started.

    The best piece of prom night advice is to take your bra off completely. Now, we know you might be skeptical about this, but trust us; going bra-free is the way to go! First off, most prom dresses will give your girls plenty of support—so you don't have to worry about them going anywhere. Second - your neckline will look even more flattering without a corseted bra. Not to mention, you don't have to struggle to find the perfect bra for your dress.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's discuss which necklines will best show off your cleavage. If you just want to show off a little cleavage, go for a dress with a sweetheart neckline. This is the neckline, which extends a bit down to the bust, forming a half heart shape. It fits all busts, no matter the size - and yes, it looks best without a bra. However, if you feel you absolutely must wear a bra – look for something with padded cups and shelf construction.

    If your goal is to make your daughter the star of the show, your best bet is a V-neck gown. This neckline can range from showing just a little cleavage to boldly dropping below the bust. Again, the dress will likely give you all the support you need in the bust area, but if you really want to wear a bra, there are several options. Your best bet for a V-neck gown is a silicone bra, which supports the front of your cleavage with sticky cups (this is also a bra for halter dresses) – but there are tie-on bras with deep V necklines that work just as well. Also, if your real concern isn't chest support, but not a little slip-on - you can wear sticky silicone covers to make sure you don't run into any wardrobe troubles.

    Finally, stop overstressing your boobs! Whether you're insecure and think they're too small or too big, they (and you, of course) will look great! Take it easy and remember that feeling beautiful is the number one goal of prom night.

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